Noakbridge Medical Centre

Bridge Street, Noakbridge, Basildon, Essex SS15 4EZ

Our Services

We provide a wide range of NHS Services as listed below.

Chronic Disease Clinics
Can be booked with a Nurse:

Can be booked with a Doctor:
Mental Health
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Contraception, Sexual Health and Smears
Can be booked with a Doctor or Nurse:
Screening for sexually transmitted infections
Cervical Smears
Gynecological problems
Contraception Choices

Minor Surgery
Can be arranged through an appointment with the Doctor:
Lumps and bumps clinic
Cryotherapy for viral warts
Steroid injections
Vasectomy (Limited service)

Smoking Cessation
Can be booked with a Nurse:
Nurse led smoking clinic
Nicotine replacement therapies
Oral smoking cessation therapies

Can be booked with a Midwife:
Routine Maternity Care
Blood Pressure

Post Natal Checks
Can be booked with a Doctor:
Maternal well-being
Contraception Advice

6 Week Child Health Checks
Can be booked with a Doctor:
New baby examination
Centile and Weight Measurements

Baby Clinic
Can be booked with the Health Visitor (Every two weeks):
Development check
Centile Checks
Baby/Child well-being
(Children between the ages of 0 – 5 years old)
New Mother well being & breast feeding advice

NHS Medicals (For those over 40 years of age)
Can be booked with a Nurse:
Cholesterol check
Cardiovascular risk check
Modification of Cardiovascular risk check
Blood pressure check

Private Services are also available by appointment only (Click here to see Private Services Page)